Paulina Loiselle

Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Paulina’s foundation of group fitness started with dance at a young age. After years of training and competition, she left home at 17 and moved to Toronto to focus on dance as part of her post-secondary education. After graduating university, Paulina danced professionally for companies such as Pro Arte Danza and Helix Dance Project. She then shifted her focus to group fitness, specifically barre and Pilates.

While in Toronto, Paulina worked at fitness studios such as Barreworks, Equinox, and Sweat & Tonic. At Barreworks, she mentored instructors as part of the barre certification process. She also travelled throughout the United States as an East Coast Presenter to teach instructors the Equinox barre and Pilates programs at new health clubs that were set to open. It was while working at these studios that she experienced the joy and satisfaction she felt from helping people reach their fitness goals, elevating and supporting other instructors, and being a part of a positive, healthy community. This experience made her dream of opening a studio of her own one day – and after moving to Windsor with her family in 2020, this dream is finally coming true.

Paulina uses her extensive dance and fitness background to ensure people are moving in safe and functional ways during her classes while they work to achieve their fitness goals. She believes any fitness program should be intelligently challenging yet incredibly fun – something that is evident in her classes. Her passion is to continue learning through practice and courses so that she can continue helping people move their bodies better. A mother of two herself, Paulina also has experience working with pre- and post-natal clients.

Achievements & Qualifications