frequently asked


What is the barre used for?

Our barres are wall-mounted and are used to promote proper alignment as well as to offer stability and support during exercises. The barre is also a great mechanism to utilize props to take your workout to the next level.

Do I need to be flexible or coordinated?

Nope! This is more of a reason to try our classes. With practice and time, flexibility and coordination improve. No dance experience is necessary for Barre. Try it and see!

What do I bring with me to the studio?

All you need is your workout clothing and a water bottle. For your convenience we have a water bottle filling station, as well as lockers and locks, towels, mats, and offer a variety of props to aid in alignment, posture and strengthening.

Can I wear shoes during class?

We are a barefoot or grip sock studio. Our classes are low-impact and we offer mats that offer cushion for joints when on the floor. We sell grip socks at the studio if this is your preferred choice for either Barre or Pilates. No grip socks necessary for Yoga classes.

Do you have parking?

Yes! We have free parking right in front of our building. Alternatively, there is parking located on both sides of the building as well – read signs for parking rules. 

I am running late for class! Can I still get in?

We get that uncontrollable things can happen in life, so we offer a 5-minute grace period.  All classes start on time and clients will not be permitted to enter class after a 5-minute grace period – no exceptions. The 5-minute grace period ends exactly 5 minutes after the scheduled class start time. This policy is to ensure we avoid potential injury to clients inside the studio, as well as to not disturb the flow of class. 

Do you offer private sessions?

Yes! Please email the studio [email protected] or call (519) 796-5497 with specific requests.  We will be more than happy to help set something up for you!

Do you offer drop-in registrations?
Walk-ins are welcome but we strongly encourage you to sign-up in advance to secure a spot in class. We have a set limit of spots per class to ensure the most comfortable and safe workout environment. Please check online or via app to see if there are any spots open before you stop by.
Get the tuck out of here!

At Barrehouse, we work to restore better movement and breathing mechanics in an optimal way to avoid injuries, dysfunction, and discomfort in the body.  We prioritize moving all the major joints in all their planes of motion and believe in the importance of having muscular balance to create healthy movement patterns in the body.  Moving in a neutral skeletal alignment, as well as proper breathing mechanics, encourages the body to move with ease and efficiency.  Being stuck in a forced position for a long period of time is not considered optimal.  Consistently “tucking” your pelvis in movement compromises proper alignment and shortens your pelvic floor muscles which inevitably creates pelvic floor dysfunction, back pain, knee pain and in time can lead to injury.  Our approach is to move well before moving a lot and to train the body and mind for what you do in life so you enjoy moving without pain and discomfort.  So, get the “tuck” out of here and let’s get moving.