Studio Policies

To ensure the safety and privacy of both our clients and instructors, only towels and water are permitted in the fitness studio. All other personal belongings are not permitted including cell phones (unless there are extenuating circumstances). Lockers and locks are provided for your convenience. Please use them to store your personal belongings while attending class. We encourage barefoot training to enhance proprioception, which is the unconscious awareness of the positions of one’s body in space.  No shoes allowed in the studio.

All classes start on time and clients will not be permitted to enter class after a 5-minute grace period – no exceptions. The 5-minute grace period ends exactly 5 minutes after the scheduled class start time. This policy is to ensure we avoid potential injury to clients inside the studio, as well as to not disturb the flow of class. Our active warm-ups are key components that prepare you both physically and mentally for the workout ahead.  No refunds are issued for late arrivals; however, we will gladly book you into the next class if spots are available.

Instructors and classes are subject to change without notice. However, we always do our best to send a notification as soon as the change occurs.

Minors 16 years of age or older are welcome to join class, with parental consent.

Cancellation Policies

Cancellations for clients with credits or pay-as-you-go must be made no less than 12 hours before any of our classes commence. If cancellations are not made before this window, you will lose your credit. Cancellations must be made by the member through their account online or on the app, not by phone or email. If a client arrives at class after the 5-minute grace period, they will be deemed to have cancelled the class. Monthly, biannual, and annual unlimited members will be contacted directly regarding cancellation policies.

House Packs cannot be put on hold. Unlimited memberships can be put on hold for a set amount of time based on the membership length. To ensure your account is not automatically charged, please reach out either by email or calling the studio with no less than one week’s notice.  If a client wishes to cancel an automatic recurring payment, it is their responsibility to do so in time before the next automatic payment.

Waitlist Policies

To have a spot secured on the waitlist, clients must have a prepaid class credit. If you do not make it into class off the waitlist, credit will be returned to your account to use for a future class. Only credit will be issued – no refund.

Waitlist entries to class will be determined by the chronological order of registration (first-come, first serve basis).

If you make it into class off waitlist, you will be notified via push/email. You must opt into email/push to get any notifications regarding the waitlist.  Guests are responsible to check their email/app regarding waitlist/reservation status.

Cancellation policy applies to all clients who make it off waitlist and are added to class.