Kaitlin Mackie

Kaitlin has an extensive history in dance, specifically ballet. In 2019 she sought a new way to challenge herself in the instructing world and made the leap from dance to group fitness. Kaitlin, also a Registered Massage Therapist, has thoroughly enjoyed using her knowledge of movement and anatomy to help others achieve their fitness goals.

Kaitlin is a visual instructor who demonstrates each movement and has a hands-on approach to ensure members are fully engaging the correct muscle groups and working with proper body alignment. She is a high-energy teacher who likes to keep the environment fun and light while at the same time leading a challenging workout. Kaitlin works with the music and follows the rhythm and beat in her classes. She utilizes specific beats per minute based on the style and speed of the class.

Kaitlin loves staying active in any way possible. From running, taking a barre or Pilates class or even a long walk with her dog, she finds a way to stay active daily.

Achievements & Qualifications