Gloria McLeod

Growing up with six siblings taught Gloria how to keep up and be strong at a young age, and she has never looked back. In addition to enjoying a healthy lifestyle, Glo has always enjoyed the like- mindedness and community that group fitness offers. As a runner and spin enthusiast, she was introduced to yoga through a friend and was surprised at how it challenged her entire body. It was at that point she knew yoga would be her future.

Gloria loves teaching Power Vinyasa Flow, Astanga-style classes but above all loves being creative with her practice. She places importance not only on balancing poses, but especially on exploring the breath and mind/body connection. As an instructor she feels it is important to provide her clients the skills available through yoga that can be used on and off the mat. Glo is a big proponent of offering modification and reading the room to ensure everyone is getting a proper session.

Gloria believes that music and the flow of the class encourage each other and go hand-in-hand. Matching the music with the movement brings out the best in her practice and helps her clients feel a deeper connection and be present and aware. Always up for a challenge, Gloria uses her mother (who fought arthritis but kept moving and lived to 91) as inspiration when things get difficult. She enjoys sweating in any way – from sitting on a beach in the hot sun to powering through a hard workout.

Achievements & Qualifications